Permission marketing: That's what makes Cold Email Marketing work

24 Aprile 2020

Written by Luca Scuriatti


Permission Marketing is a definition coined by Seth Godin in 1999 which defines an alternative marketing method that leads to quality relationships with customers and prospects. Being different from traditional marketing that is based on the interruption principle (statistic says that users receive about 400 advert per day), the Permission Marketing is aimed to build a relationship between the company and the customer, based on a polite request for consent to send further information.)

Permission Marketing it's made with users, in order to offer information on products or services that are in any way expected and in any case relevant as they are connected to the recipients.

This concept is the basis of the national regulations (although - in the B2B sector - some countries like the US or the UK have more liberalized direct marketing) and is still the basis of the new paradigm that follows the European Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR. Particularly, it's outlined by recital 47 of the GDPR which introduced the concept of "legitimate interest" of the holder as a legal basis on which to assess the lawfulness of processing operations of personal data adding that "it may be considered legitimate interest to process personal data for direct marketing purposes".

In practice, sending emails to cold contacts involves a preliminary analysis aimed to establish the possible benefit of each recipient from the received commercial offer. In other words, the purpose of your email or its included offers must be clearly connected to the potential customer's activity.

The reasons why such a street is the master, are not just legal. Additionally to the fact that a permission marketing strategy leads to the construction of a lasting connection with the brand, this allows higher conversion rates thanks to a higher engagement power.

That's why the quality of prospects and profiling capacity are very important in creating an Email Marketing campaign. Only an accurate target, made up of segmented contacts, will allow you to deliver an offer that is clearly connected to the specific needs of your prospects.

So you can send a personalized campaign and your contacts will easily understand its message. This is possible only if, besides taking care of a good copy for your message, you will devote as much attention to targeting.

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Permission marketing: That's what makes Cold Email Marketing work

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